This document contains information about the new V2 API for the Speechmatics Speech as a Service (SaaS), including output schemas and usage examples.

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Where the V2 Jobs API differs from the V1 API this is called out with a note like this.


Code samples in this guide use curl for making HTTP requests to the API, and the jq tool to parse and display JSON responses.


On a Windows PC you can use these download and installation links to get these tools:


Use the relevant package manager for your flavour of Linux, which will either be:

apt install curl jq


yum install curl jq

Mac OS X

On the Mac, the easiest way to install these utilities is using Homebrew:

brew install curl jq

API Specification

Because the new API is written using the OpenAPI Specification it is possible to auto-generate client libraries using Swagger Codegen. If you are interested in trying this out then please contact

The V2 API is an evolution of the V1 API, but it uses a more standardised authentication method, provides a richer set of output formats, and has a structured JSON configuration that is easier to extend in future.

Upcoming feature enhancements will only be added to the V2 API.

This document refers to version 201909.0 of the service. The JSON output format is 2.4.

For the full V2 API specification please refer to the Jobs API Reference section.

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